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Welcome at Bike Rental Koblenz

Discover the city of Koblenz and its suroundings. Rückenwind Bike Rental will help you discover the beauty and diversity of our region!


The cultural landscape of „Oberes Mittelrheintal“ (the valley between the city of Bingen and Koblenz) holds a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List for a definite reason. Along with the Mosel valley its thought to be among the most beautiful vacation areas in all of Germany.

The tourist attractions, the historic sites and the vineyards that are featured on both sides along the Rhine and Mosel Rivers create a striking and unique background within the region´s landsacpe.

The unmistakable „framework“ architecture of the areas small villages creates an ambiance that invites the region´s guests to take a breake, relax and enjoy the picturesque atmosphere. .

Nearby, the Lahn river valley (said to be one of the most romantic rivers in Germany) and its alluring tributary valleys offer numerous attractions and breathtaking landscapes you can discover while on your cycle trips. 

OPEN also on sundays and public holidays

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Trek bicycles / City bicycles

1 bike

15,00 €/day

6 days only 14,00 €/day


Fairy cycles

11,00 €/day


30,00 €/day


30,00 €/day

Child seat/ 
bycicle trailers (not for children)

9,50 €/day      

With every bike we supply

helmets for kids - for free 
locks - for free 
tool kids - for free

helmets for adults -2,00 €/day
both-sided saddle bags - 2,00 €/day

Bond for the bikes is 50,00 € and for E-Bikes and Tandems 100,00 €.

Only cash paying possible.

Please bring an ID-card with you (or a copy)
Please send your requests and bookings per e-mail.

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Recreational activities & organisation

Besides bike tours and hiking trips we offer to organize an individual event just for you. No matter if its with your family and friends or your company. Or have you ever thought of spending your birthday party in line with a scevenger hunt? Everything is possible:

  • company parties

  • birthdays

  • familiy celebrations

  • christmas events

  • hiking trips
    and many more...



The special give away: a picnic on a bicycle tour? We are glad to issue a voucher for you!

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Special guided Tours


We offer bike and hiking trips for everyone. They will take you to castles and small, romantic villages or to spectacular lookout points. In the following we have provided descriptions of some examples of our pre-planned tours; however, we would be happy to help you organize your own customized tour.

Wine biking- and hiking-trip

- approx. 40 kilometers round-trip 
- level bike path combined with partial steep hiking trails 
- return path is possible by train or boat (reducing the trip to approx. 20 kilometers)
- day trip

We will meet up at our bike station to start to tour at 9 a.m. First, we will cycle along the Mosel River, which we will cross over on a railway bridge. Arriving in the town of Güls, we will take the bike path that gave our tour its name: the Wine Bicycle Trail. This path guides us through vineyards to the small village of Winningen. 

In 1985, the village of Winningen won a national beautification competition. Because of this, participants will find it well worth the time to park the bicycles here to wander through the narrow streets of the village. Here, you will see the traditional framework architecture of the region and many little wine taverns. In the 17th century, this area was well known for its witch-hunts, and the center of the town features a memorial fountain that honors the 21 victims who were burned at the stake during this period. 

If you find yourself in here between the end of August and the beginning of September, you can also experience Germany’s oldest wine festival, which is held in Winningen annually. 
After exploring the village you can enjoy a good glass of wine alongside delicious regional food in one of the numerous vine taverns. With more than 2 million vine stocks, Winningen is the largest vine-operating village in the area. This makes it exceptionally easy for visitors to find a good wine here. 
We will start the one-hour hiking tour through the vineyards once everyone has finished exploring Winningen. The path features more than 30 information boards that explain details you might want to know about the vineyard and wine culture of the area. Along the path, you will also find a couple of nice benches that allow you to take a break and enjoy the scenery. 

After our hiking tour we will get back onto our bikes and cycle towards the little village of Kobern. There you will find numerous relics from an eventful past: such as the Chateau Liebig (famous for its wedding celebrations) or the St. Matthias Chapel that sits high above the village. This beautiful chapel is the destination at the end of our second hiking tour. Even though the hike is exhausting – it features a nearly 600 meter (almost 2,000 feet) change in altitude – the view from the top will more than compensate for the effort of climbing the hill. 

There are several options for the trip back to Koblenz. Those who still have the energy and want to keep on moving can cycle all the way back to Koblenz. Those who find that the first half of the day has featured sufficient activity or those who have already had their fill of local wine can take a train or boat back to Koblenz. Both the train station and the jetty are just a couple of minutes away from the town center. It is just noted at this point that the costs for the boat and train are not included in our original offer, but are very affordable should you find these options more appealing to you at the end of the day. 
All together this day trip offers a lot of variety and we are sure that you will remember it fondly for a long time to come.

Costs vailable on request.

Registration is required!

The tour guides do not assume any liability. Participation in the tours is at your own risk. 

Fit through the day

-approx. 55 kilometers 
-level bike path 
-day trip

This tour treats you to a day filled with beautiful scenery, invigorating physical activity, and good, healthy food.

Before starting the trip, you can enjoy a healthy and well-balanced breakfast at Café Miljöö (just across from our bike station) or at Bistro Pfefferminzje (just a 150 meter walk from our bike station). 
After breakfast, we will cycle towards the statue Deutsches Eck (the “German Corner”) – which honors the German Emperor William I. This tour will lead us along the Rhine River, which we will come to cross in order to make our way towards the city of Lahnstein. In Lahnstein, we will leave the Rhine River and take the bike trail along the Lahn River, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful and romantic river valleys in all Germany. There are numerous beer gardens along the way where we can take a break and enjoy the scenery. There is also the possibility to simply sit in a meadow and enjoy a picnic. 

The next stop on the tour is the small village of Fachbach. Should you choose to, we will leave our bikes here and take canoes down the river for a while. While prices for the canoes are not included in our price, this will be an experience you will not forget!

Those who do not wish to go canoeing can continue cycling to Bad Ems. The soul of this paradise resort is the spa – a major vacation destination and health resort – which will find a place into every visitor’s heart. The Bad Ems spa is well known for its rejuvenating mineral springs and famous spa architecture. Visitors will find relics of Roman history, German romanticism, and journey into a bygone world. A walk around the city center is a must! 
The return trip will take us along the Lahn and Rhine rivers once again. Upon returning to Koblenz, you can finish the day with a delicious meal at any of the city’s many restaurants. 
We would be happy to reserve a table for you at Café Miljöö or Bistro Pfefferminzje, where you can enjoy some pasta and a good glass of organic wine.

Costs vailable on request.

Registration is required !

The tour guides do not assume any liability. Participation in the tours is at your own 

A new insight into the City of Koblenz

Discover Koblenz and its old town center from a different point of view. We guide you on a bicycle to the most interesting and lovely places. 
If you like, you can combine the sightseeing tour with a scavenger hunt – always a good idea for your company event or a celebration.


- approx. 50 kilometers
- level bike path 
- return trip possible by boat (reducing the trip to approx. 25 kilometers)
- half-day-trip

We start at our bike station in the old town of Koblenz and cycle along a fully developed bike path towards Stolzenfels, on the outskirts of Koblenz. Here we can park our bikes and climb a short but steep path to the Stolzenfels Castle - the crown jewel of Rhine romanticism. After cycling another couple of kilometers we will reach the small town of Rhens, where we can enjoy a short break to take in the framework architecture and picturesque old town.

As we follow the path along the Rhine River, we will pass through a few vineyards. There are also many castles and palaces adjacent to the bike path in this area - we will gladly tell you some stories about each of them as the path leads us past them.

After approximately 25 km we will reach the city of Boppard, the apex of our trip. Here we have the opportunity to take a 20 minute chairlift ride up to the “four-lake-lookout-point.” The cost for the chairlift is 6,50 Euros per person, which is not included in the price of your tour. The lookout point is also accessible via bicycle path, and for those of you with energy left to spare, this should be a fun alternative.

Once we reach the top of the hill, you will be surprised at how different the Rhine River looks from a different perspective! There are two great restaurants on the top of the hill with large sun terraces where you can relax, enjoy a good meal, and rejuvenate yourself for the return trip to Koblenz.

The way back to Koblenz will take us along the bike path following the Rhine River once again. Or, should you find yourself spent after an afternoon of cycling, you can also take a boat back from Boppard.

Once back in Koblenz, we welcome you to bring your nice afternoon to a close with a good glass of wine or any other drink of your choosing at Café Miljöö. 

Costs vailable on request.

Registration is required!

The tour guides do not assume any liability. Participation in the tours is at your own risk. Please refer to the Disclaimer in our Terms and Conditions for further details.

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